OFFER A GIFT! MAGIC plush + a book online



Receive the MAGIC plush with a letter including a SECRET CODE for the interactive book: CHAMPION, The road to victory. This unique and original book can be easily accessed on your computer and mobiles devices (Internet connection required). Easy and simple !

Peluche chien MAGIC de CHAMPION - application-livre interactive pour enfants

Peluche chien pour enfants, personnage des livres jeunesse interactifs CHAMPION, yeux brillants, broderie, fourrure soyeuse


This cute stuffie named Magic is the dog with magic ears in the Champion series. Children adore his big bright eyes and his silky-smooth fur, and his name is signed on one of his paws. This stuffie is safe for young children.
Size: 10 inches

INTERACTIVE BOOK (4-8 years old)


CHAMPION books can also help children with learning disabilities develop their reading skills.

Modifications :

  • Use of a font similar to the handwriting learned in class
  • Larger font size
  • Short sentences for easier memorization
  • Explanations for difficult words or phrases
  • Use of mostly regular words
  • Simple punctuation
  • Character overviews at the beginning of each story to facilitate understanding
  • Clear illustrations
  • Blocks of text on a white background to prevent eye strain
  • Narration that follows a simple chronological order
  • Puzzles that promote thought and interaction
  • Story-comprehension games with questions and prizes 

This 28-page story includes exciting animation, as well as engaging questions and riddles. The children will learn specific rules and regulations of the game and improve their reading skills. The social implications of bullying are also addressed in this story. Presented in age-appropriate and accessible language, including word-lists, this book is scaffolded to promote language-learning.
BONUS: Included is a reading comprehension game with rewards and sports videos.

CHAMPION is accompanied by his friends DAREDEVIN and MECANIKA on a road trip to face the Rockets in the final game of the championship series. But right away they are faced with challenges: Daredevin, the goalie is bullied by some strangers who steal his technoboard. Magic, Champion’s dog, and the three friends search for the thieves. But there are surprises in store for them… and will team Champion be able to bring home the victory trophy ? A story full of action and intrigue awaits the reader.

* New browsers supported: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (9 and +), Safari, Opera
*Some conditions apply.

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