We plan to launch our crowdfunding campaign soon.
However, you can encourage our start-up by a charity donation. Please, follow this link:

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CHAMPION needs your support !



  • To help support the creation of the first series of interactive sports books available worldwide in several languages.
  • To grow the Champion stories and the values and positive character traits for children which it promotes.
  • To support the goal of encouraging children’s interest in reading. The Champion stories are engaging and are geared to the development of reading and contain appealing typography, word explanations, riddles, educational questions, and reward-based comprehension games.

The Champion series of books is available either by downloading the file or by accessing it directly online. We invite you to help with the CHAMPION series of books for children.


Thanks to all of you for your support since the beginning !

Thank you Annicka and Simon,Thank you  Sylvia and Denis,Thank you Lucie and Réjean,Thank you  Pierre Nadeau,Thank you Isabelle Dionne,Thank you  Mylène-Audrey and Vincent,Thank you  Marie-France and Louis-Jérôme,Thank you  Manon Bilodeau,Thank you  Mélanie Bilodeau,Thank you  Audrey Latulippe,Thank you  Valérie Auger-Hudon,Thank you  Audrey Geneau,Thank you  Marc and Jessy-Kim,Thank you  Denise Morin,Thank you  Philippe Simard, Thank you  Max-Olivier and Maélie !

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